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Tp Tar Solutions  is a tar surfacing company in Johannesburg South Africa and tar paving in Pretoria, Tarring driveway, Pothole repair, Kerbs laying, Humps, Tennis courts, Road marking, Brick paving.as formed by highly qualified individuals with vast experienced in tar surfacing industry. We provide tailored Tar surfaces and tar paving solution to our customers on all projects.
The company has evolved and developed through challenging economic environment. But we have managed to achieve greater heights in all tar surfacing jobs like hot asphalt surfacing, cold asphalt surfacing, road surfacing, tennis courts surfacing and all earthworks jobs.

Therefore we have managed to serve our clients equally without any discrimination of size of the job.
The quality of our tar surfacing on road construction, driveways surfacing, parking bays surfacing, loading bays paving, is very high. We get our asphalt from reputable plants like Much Asphalt. Every project is delivered to the highest standard. It is our desire to conquer the region and international markets at large and is fully guaranteed, that is why so many of our customers come back with new projects. Contact Tp Tar Solutions for a quick quote.

Asphalt Surfacing

Tp Tar Solutions prides itself on the quality of work delivered and the high levels of service experienced by all its clients, irrespective of the size of project.
Common tar surfacing works delivered include machine laying and manual laying of driveways, loading bays, road surfacing, brick paving, tennis courts rejuvenating, laying kerbs.

The size of the area to be surfaced will determine the method of tar surfacing, we use pavers for large areas on surfacing and a fully dedicated hand lay team for small areas. Before the tar is layed the surfaces must be thoroughly prepared and cleaned.

We are one of the cheapest tar surfacing company in Johannesburg South Africa.

It is our desire to conquer the region and international markets at large.

Tp Tar Solution is the answer to all your earthworks problems like asphalt surfacing, brick paving, concrete surfacing, kerbs laying.

We specialize in: 

Tar surfacing, Road surfacing, Speed humps construction, Tennis court rejuvenating, Tennis courts construction, Driveway surfacing, Pool decks surfacing, Road marking, Kerbs laying, Parking bays paving, Brick paving, Loading bays asphalt paving, Playground surfacing, Bitumen SS60, Slurry seal.

Tar Paving
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Potholes Repair

Pothole repairPotholes are cut cleaned and filled. When repairing potholes all loose stones and soil are removed, and we create a seamless bond around the surface and the pothole area to make sure we get a 100% bonding of old asphalt and new asphalt. We try to get the highest standard of work.

Line Marking

tennis courts markingTennis, netball and basketball marking. Tp Tar Solutions uses high quality paint from repeatable suppliers which is highly durable and long lasting. For all our line marking of Tennis courts, road marking, parking bays, loading bays, tennis courts, play grounds.

Laying of Kerbs

KerbsKebs are laid on the edges of tar or paving to prevent tar from peeling off on the edges. When installing new kerbs the ground have to be leveled and a fish line or spirit level is used so as to get kerbs straight.Cement is added on the ground and joins to strengthen the kerbs.

Tennis Courts

tennis court rejuvenating

Rejuvenating. A complete resurfacing on tennis courts is mostly required when surfaces are worn and cracked. To give our clients top results we use good quality material from renowned suppliers of tennis courts material. We coat all our tennis courts with quality coats.

Brick paving

Brick paving is mostly referred to as a type of paving that reminds us of building bricks. In most cases the brick pavers would be red or grey full bricks or off cuts of building bricks. It is mostly used when paving playgrounds, loading bays, walkways paving, filling station paving.

Tar Surfacing

hot asphalt

The ground is well prepared before hot Asphalt is laid. When you think of Tarring your road, Driveway Tarring, Loading area Surfacing, Complex Tarring, Parking area Surfacing, Walkways Surfacing, Speed humps look no further Tp Tar Solutions your answer. No job is too small or too big for us.

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