Tar Paving in East London

Tp Tar Solutions also does tar paving in East London and Johannesburg. We construct all types and sizes of driveways could it be commercial tar surfacing, industrial tar surfacing or domestic tar surfacing. We do driveways surfacing, road surfacing, parking bays surfacing, filling station tar paving, walkway tarring, we surface it for you either brick paving or tar surfacing.

Are you tired of:
-Fly by night tar surfacing companies

 -Cheap quality workmanship.

Then Tp Tar Solutions is the answer to your problems.

We have been in business since 1998. Our tarring team is driven by passion and experience in all earthworks.

Tp Tar Solutions was formed by qualified individuals with vast experience in Tar Surfacing Companies. We are one of the cheapest company in Johannesburg South Africa.
We have managed to achieve greater heights in all tar surfacing, asphalt surfacing, brick paving, road marking, tennis courts rejuvenating, speed humps construction, driveway surfacing, loading bays surfacing, kerbs laying, road construction, slurry seal jobs and we have managed to save our customers equally without any discrimination of work size. It is our desire to conquer South Africa and the region at large. Contact us for a quick quote.

 Tar Paving in east london

Tar paving in east London is part of our everyday lives and no matter where we go it is all around us. Paving creates surfaces for us to walk on, drive on, and sometimes to show the way. It is used in parking areas, complexs, airports, loading bays tar paving, complex, take away restaurants, pool decks, driveways tarring, drive through, sidewalks and many more including tennis courts construction.


Brick paving is mostly referred to as a type of paving that reminds us of building bricks. In most cases the brick pavers would be red (or a shade of red), black, building bricks, off cuts of building bricks and is very similar to the look of bricks used for buildings. Bricks are mostly used when paving playgrounds, loading bays, walkways paving, filling station paving.

                                               KERBS LAYING

Road kerbing is a type of paver that has a square or rectangular shape and laid down in different variants using the same pavers. They are larger in size than normal pavers or interlocking pavers, are mainly used to accentuate a feature like a road sides or garden.


Driveway tar paving also sometimes known as curb appeal is the part of our homes we tar pave where cars would drive on. There are many different ways for using tarred driveway. The most obvious is the pathway leading up to the garage or parking areas.



What would a pool be without nice looking paving? Pool paving like many other types of paving enhances the look and appeal of the area. Paving keeps a lot of dirt from ending up in the pool. Municipal pools all have proper paving and the homeowner can increase the value of their property by simply paving the swimming pool area. Tp Tar Solutins have built a good relation with companies like Bosun where we get most of our bricks and kerbs.


Walkway paving also referrers to pavements in and around city and neighborhoods. Tarring walkways is done to add easy access and walking surfaces to areas where people might walk. It is also ideal for cycling surfaces and almost all inner city walking areas are completely paved. This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance and adds to the beautification of areas. Bosun is the most idle company when it comes to kerbs.


The effect of entrance paving is possibly best experienced with the entrances to building like hotels, homes, complex. By paving the entrance to your home you can create a look and design that suits the style of your home. Over the years this appeal that the entrance creates adds panache to the building.

                                               COMMERCIAL BRICK PAVING

Industrial paving is used in areas where the traffic volume is very high. Also has to be able to handle the weight of large trucks and goods. This type of paving mainly used is interlocking pavers as their design allows for weight and volume without breaking apart. You would see industrial paving and commercial brick paving areas like loading docks, intersections and large parking areas .We do all types of brick paving in industrial, domestic and commercial companies like courtyards, parking areas, walkways.

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